The Magic Begins

9. A character you feel the need to defend- Luna Lovegood; everyone thinks she is insane, and really odd, but she is in Ravenclaw for a reason.

“accio brain!”

"Draco… you are no assassin."

"How do you know what I am? I’ve done things that would shock you! He trusts me!  I was chosen!"

"Draco… Years ago, I knew a boy who made all the wrong choices… please let me help you…”

"I don’t want your help! Don’t you understand? I have to do this! I have to kill you… or hes gonna kill me…”


literature meme | 6 prose writers [1/6] J. K. Rowling

Born in Yate, Gloucestershire, Rowling was working as a researcher and bilingual secretary for Amnesty International when she conceived the idea for the Harry Potter series on a delayed train from Manchester to London in 1990. The seven-year period that followed entailed the death of her mother, divorce from her first husband and poverty until Rowling finished the first novel in the series, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone (1997). Rowling subsequently published 6 sequels—the last, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (2007)—as well as 3 supplements to the series. In 2012, Rowling parted with her agency and resumed writing in the form of a tragicomedy novel aimed at adult readership, entitled The Casual Vacancy. Rowling has said she is currently working on two books—one aimed for adults, the other for children younger than the Harry Potter audience, and she expects the latter to be published first.


Harry Potter and the….

“Albus Dumbledore was never proud or vain; he could find something to value in anyone, however apparently insignificant or wretched, and I believe that his early losses endowed him with great humanity and sympathy. I shall miss his friendship more than I can say, but my loss is as nothing compared to the wizarding world’s. That he was the most inspiring and the best loved of all Hogwarts headmasters cannot be in question.”

—Elphias Doge in Dumbledore’s obituary.